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Why I Still LOVE to Travel

I am amazingly blessed to work in such an incredible industry.  I get to make travel dreams happen for so many others.  But I also get to travel at least 6 – 8 times a year myself.  Sometimes for a personal getaway with my loved ones and sometimes for business.  I happen to love it all!  For me – business is pleasure, because whenever I get to travel and learn about new destinations and resorts to pass on to our wonderful clients, it’s all good.  I still get excited when I have to wake up early to catch a flight – waking up every hour or so to make sure my alarm is correct.  Arriving at the airport still gives me a little thrill.  And that is how it should be!  If I am not passionate about traveling and discovering new places how can I get others excited about booking an amazing “Getaway”?

Here are some of the things that I experience when I travel:
  • I realize how small the world really is and how people are all generally the same wherever I go and a smile still means the same thing in any language.

  • I see things a little clearer and I realize the things I was worried about aren’t really that big.

  • I am always surprised to realize that the world back home didn’t fall apart without me for a few days.

  • It still get amazed at how comfortable I feel in other Countries.

  • I somehow feel a little lighter and younger.

  • I get recharged and refreshed – ready to come back renewed and excited to plan amazing getaways for others.

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